At Rilec Electrical we have never overlooked the fact that a customer or client is the link required to progress and grow our business.

As this fact is known by many but ignored by most, our focus is due to an understanding that value for money, quality workmanship and a professional/personal approach given as standard allows our customers an advantage for there own successes and growth

All of Rilec Electrical’s workmanship is covered by a 12 month defect liability period, including manufacturers warranty as standard.

Established in 2008, we have grown from the home office to workshop facility with dedicated office/amenities, employing permanent qualified electrical fitter mechanics, apprentices and office staff. We also have a long list of sub-contractors and casual staff that allow us to achieve the larger projects that we have completed with a strong focus on future growth to meet customer demands.

Rilec has a diverse range of knowledge within our team as we service a variety of industries from standard commercial projects to large scale construction for government and industry with budgets for electrical exceeding $4 million.

Industries we service include:

  • Non-profit and community organisations
  • Education
  • Medical and health
  • Shopping centres and retail
  • Telecommunication and networks
  • Government agencies and facilities
  • Industrial and workshops
  • Explosive manufacturing
  • Food processing
  • Mining and engineering

In addition to traditional electrical services, Rilec specialises in the following areas:

  • Commercial construction
  • Capital works projects
  • Industry specific facilities
  • Large scale solar
  • Industrial workshops
  • Control systems for diesel reticulation
  • NBN network
  • PLC & VSD
  • Process control I/O
  • Back-up generators
  • Systems & automation

At Rilec we perform construction works as well as service, servicing approximately 800 Government facilities, insurance works, general commercial and industrial service with dedicated teams.

Director Statement

Customers deserve the best possible service available, and for their works to be treated in a manner that is of uncompromising quality and value for money. This combined with an exemplary health and safety record indicates superior management and a superior workforce; promoting business and contributing to the continuing growth of Rilec Electrical.

Ben Riley
Managing Director


Rilec Electrical is constantly seeking qualified Electricians who display excellence in their field of expertise.

At Rilec Electrical you will be offered a great working environment and employment package if you are the selected individual suitably qualified and experienced that we can trust to deliver the highest standards to our team and customers.

If you think you have what it takes to be part of our team please fill out the application form and send it to

If an applicant appears to hold the attributes that we desire then a formal interview will be requested and a letter of engagement returned.

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