Company Commitment to Safety

Rilec Electrical continually strive toward the elimination of personal injuries, occupational illnesses, and damage to equipment and property in all of our operations; the protection of the general public whenever they come in contact with our work; and the prevention of pollution and environmental degradation.

There are two sound reasons for this:

  1. The elimination of human suffering, due to disabling injury or loss of life, is a moral goal and one we all must strive to achieve.
  2. An exemplary safety and health record indicates superior management and a superior work force; it promotes business and contributes to the continuing growth and success of Rilec Electrical.

Occupational Health and Safety must never be sacrificed. Our “Site Health and Safety Plan” incorporates safety into each work task in order to avoid preventable occupational injuries or illnesses. Each supervisor must be personally concerned with the performance demonstrated by the employees relating to these elements under his or her supervision.

The ultimate success of Rilec Electrical occupational health and safety procedures depends upon the full cooperation of each individual employee. To that end, management is responsible for ensuring that applicable rules and procedures are established and enforced, and that effective training programs are employed to the best advantage.

Project Management Systems

  • Work Method Statements, site specific
  • Project K.P.I system monitoring
  • Safety Policies
  • Risk Assesssment Procedures
  • Permit Systems eg. Live Work, Confined Space, Asbestos etc
  • Equipment Calibration
  • Sub-Contract qualification system/renewal
  • Equipment Specific Test Reports
  • Test Equipment with hard drive memory
  • Incident report system
  • Employee trained JSA's
  • Employee trained LV Rescue and CPR
  • Employee trained Safety Report templates
  • Auto-Prompt Statutory Maintenance Schedules

If Workplace Health & Safety documents are required please contact us.

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